The Center for Joint Training, Science & Technology Services and Knowledge Transfer (TSK) was established in September 2011 based on the Office for International Joint Training Programs of the university, which was launched in 2005.
The Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research (CETR) was established as a research and development center of the former Faculty of Technology by the decision of VNU President in March 2001 and reorganized by the decision of the Rector of UET in March 2005. The center operates in its own legal status.
 In the period up to the present, VNU-UET has hosted a great number (about 150) of research projects, funded by various research programs of the VNU and of Vietnam government. VNU-UET staff members also participate in several joint development projects with other research institutions, government agencies and industry corporations, including overseas institutions.
Establishment of the Laboratory for Micro-Nano Technology (Micro-Nano Lab) funded by the government for setting up technical infrastructure, research equipments and facilities to strengthen the research activity on the development and applications of micro- and nanotechnology-based materials and devices.
Center for Computer Network and E-Learning
The Micro-Nano Lab was founded in 2008. It was designed and set up as a part and the target of the VNU governmental investment project to be a key laboratory of VNU-UET in a system of the key laboratories at VNU. The laboratory operates under the university administration and management, reporting its activities directly to the rector.
Led by the conception that research is, above all, the most important feature to distinguish a university from other educational institutions and understanding deeply that active research is essential to assure and to improve the teaching and training quality at all levels of a university, VNU-UET has put great efforts in developing its active research environment.
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