Center for Computer Network and E-Learning


The Center for Computer Network and E-learning - CCNE was established in March 2005 as an Information Communication Technology (ICT) service unit of UET with the following tasks: (i) to administer, monitor and maintain the technical infrastructure of networks and network services aiming to ensure smooth and stable communication and exploration of on-line resources supporting teaching and research activities of staff and students; (ii) to administer and monitor the e-learning resources and to provide e-learning services on demand of faculty, staff and students; (iii) to conduct R&D projects in the development of infrastructure and facilities for a digital UET.
The CCNE staff has succeeded in maintaining and ensuring the smooth operation of ICT infrastructure and facilities and to manage organized network services within the UET. This enables a full exploitation of equipment and resources provided by the World Bank funded Higher-Education Project and efficient support to training and research, and to other academic activities (LDAP system, Video conferencing system, LMS system, etc.) including teleconference services for the international communications between UET and overseas partner institutions. The CCNE has the mission to become an R&D centre for network and e-learning services to effectively support training and other activities at UET.