Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research

The Center for Electronics and Telecommunications Research (CETR) was established as a research and development center of the former Faculty of Technology by the decision of VNU President in March 2001 and reorganized by the decision of the Rector of UET in March 2005. The center operates in its own legal status. It is entrusted with the following tasks: (i) to conduct R&D research on Electronics and Telecommunications Technology, (ii) to develop, fabricate and distribute specific electronic products for application of modern technologies in communication, (iii) to provide science and technology services such as consultancy, technology transfer, and (iv) to contribute to the improvement of professional capability in Electronics and ICT.
Research areas concern low-interference, ultra-high frequency devices built on micro-strip ADS Simulation Software (Ansoft), digital real-time processing techniques, radar engineering, high frequency chips design on Cadence, wireless security and warning systems; technolgy transfer in wireless transmitter and receiver systems, etc.

Significant products have been developed; to name a few as the followings:
Ultra-high frequency passive elements: filter set, deviders, antenas; ultra-high frequency IC, wave covergage software, anti-thief locks, smart boards, etc.
UHF dual channel decoders, VHF and UHF low noise magnifiers; antitheft wireless system.
CETR has hosted a few significant research and development projects, such as “Investigations on design and fabrication of a signal transmitter, receiver and processing system for broad band signals in national sovereignty identification” (power up to 3000 W at 20 GHz working frequency as the main technical specifications) under the National Research and Development Programs, “Investigation on design and fabrication of high-power microwave transmitting module used in low-attitude radars”.