Information on ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) activities in November 2012

On Friday 21 September 2012, the Self-assessment Board of University of Engineering and Technology approved the self-assessment report for bachelor training program of Electronics and Telecommunication Technology according to according to Quality Assurance standards of Asean University Network (AUN - QA), Vietnamese version. 

Attending to the meeting was Prof. Nguyen Thanh Thuy – Vice-Rector of UET, Director of Centre for Quality Assurance, Heads of divisions and Management Board of Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET).

On the basis of discussion, criticism of the members in the meeting, Prof. Nguyen Thanh Thuy concluded: Generally, FET has completed the self-assessment report according to plan. On the basis of the comments and contributions of the members of the Self- assessment Board, Management Board of FET continues to coordinate with other divisions to prepare to welcome the AUN delegations well in April 2013, as expected.

Prof. Nguyen Thanh Thuy also confirmed: the assessment of Electronics and Telecommunication Technology Bachelor training program according to AUN-QA is strategically important in order to enforce the school's brand in its organization and training process of international standard orientation. Therefore, this activity is seen as a joint responsibility of the school and he required that all divisions coordinate and support FET rigorously and methodically; the clue unit is Centre for Quality Assurance.