Top 10 outstanding achievements and events of the VNU-UET in 2012

In the last year, VNU-UET continues to assert its position in all activities towards international standards, help to create school’s value and brand in particular and VNU in general. Here are 10 outstanding achievements and milestones of the VNU-UET in 2012.

1. Developing of training programs according to output standards: In 2012, the entire training programs (8 undergraduate programs, 8 masters programs, and 07 doctoral programs) has been adjusted and developed according to output standards, which helps to enhance interoperability with training programs of advanced universities in the world; Computer science training program (International Standard Program) is the completely integrated development towards both 3 levels: undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees.

2. Undertaking the task of training engineers in Communications and Computer Networks, PhD in computer science according to International Standard Program: Approved and assigned engineer training program which is the result of the project TRIG-B, is implemented and prepared by two clue units – Faculty of Information Technology and Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunication. This brings the number of undergraduate training programs to 9, the number of doctoral programs to 9....

3. Expand the supply of human resources for international standard: Students of the first intake of international standard training program (strategic mission program) defended their thesis and received their bachelor degree. University of Engineering and Technology once again is the pioneer: Training Program in Computer Science and Electronics and Telecommunications Technology is the first university training program according to international standard programs of VNU which students defend their thesis and the board to an international thesis. VNU-UET has 94 out of first 128 students who graduate on time and were awarded bachelor's degree in international standard, compatible with university training programs of UNSW (Australia) and NUS (Singapore).

4. Continuing to improve achievements in science and technology activities towards international standards: In 2012, VNU-UET has 128 scientific publications, including 27 international journal articles, 80 international conference articles, 8 domestic journal articles, 13 domestic conference articles, reaching an average of 1.2 articles / faculty; 6 school-level science and technology awards, the highest h-index awards (by 9); 1 lecturer were awarded the 2012 Excellent CIO; one member of UET staff were awarded the second runner-up among ministerial young scientists, 3 students gained Honda YES award, many students continued to be awarded in the national exams ...

5. Continuing to develop high quality science and technology products: Joining Technology Market “International Techmart Vietnam 2012” and having 02 Gold Cup-winning products. Intellectual property activities continue to be strengthened: 1 product was certified “Useful Solution”; 2 out of 4 products which applied for a patent, pass the form evaluation and wait content evaluation. Besides, UET also strengthened scientific and technological incubating activities with HBI-HHTP.

6. Gradually developing highly qualified staff towards international standard: In 2012, one teacher of UET was conferred the title of People’s Teacher, 3 teachers were conferred the title of Teacher of Merit; 7 teachers were accredited to meet Associate Professor standard including VNU youngest female teacher and one teacher was conferred Associate Professor earlier, 2 teachers were appointed Senior Lecturer, 4 teachers were appointed Main Lecturer, 9 new doctors were recruited. Doctors are 73.15 percent and Professor/ Associate professors are 24.5 percent of the total number of highly qualified staff of UET. The number of teachers who is capable of teaching professional knowledge in English is 60 percent which are ready to meet the requirements. Management staff has been trained on university governance and foreign language.

7. Greeting nation’s distinguished guests: The Belgian delegation lead by HRH Prince Philippe had a visit and working day at VNU. VNU-UET hosted the workshop “Space technology to knowledge, service and humanity – future prospect.” The students from VNU-UET had a meeting with the two famous Vietnam and Belgium astronauts, Mr. Pham Tuan - Vietnam and Mr. Frank de Winne - Belgium. This event continued to set the stage to prepare the development of Aerospace Technology course of the school.

8. Further confirming the link: University - Institute - Business in Training, Science, Technology and International Relations activities: Signing cooperation agreement with Vietnam National Satellite Centre; Institute of Information Technology, Academy of Science and Technology; signing agreement to continue to cooperate with Toshiba Corporation to further invest in mining Toshiba- Coltech Software Technology Laboratory (TOSHIBA-UET) for the next five years (from 2012 to 2017); developing cooperation to provide international human resources for Japan, South Korea,…. through the activities of the Centre for Joint Training, Science & Technology Services and Knowledge Transfer (TSK).

9. Making high emulation achievements: VNU-UET which was recognized as one of three outstanding advanced training unit of VNU, was proposed to be awarded the Emulation Flag of the school year of 2011-2012 by the Ministry of Education and Training because the Party union, Youth Union, Union of veterans, Union of the former teachers are active in all mission. There are three officers who are proposed to be awarded the 3rd Grade Labor Medal by the President and three officers who are proposed to be awarded Certificates of Merit from the Prime Minister.

10. Deploying Open office model: Functional divisions share a common workspace which is convenient for facility management, better communication between school staff and students; construct more 450 m2 to ensure better facilities for training and research...

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