Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation (FEMA)

The Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation (FEMA) was established at VNU University of Engineering and Technology (VNU-UET) on 4 July 2005 on the basis of the Center for Cooperation in Mechanics Training, in close cooperation with the Institute of Mechanics, and later also with the Institute of Aerospace Technology as well as the Vietnam Satellite Center of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). This was a strategic approach of the University to set up the high-quality standard education and research in the field of Mechanics and Automation Engineering. This cooperation was then expanded to the Institute of Industrial Instrumentation and Machinery (IMI) and the National Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (NARIME). The Faculty presently consists of 5 departments, and enrolls 2 undergraduate and 4 graduate training programs in the fields of Engineering Mechanics and Mechatronics. The 40 head academic staff of the Faculty involves a large number of prominent scientists of the research institutes mentioned above with a large number as adjunct professors.

Dean:   Prof. Dr. Sc. Nguyen Dong Anh ( Dr. Sc. – Lomonosov State University of Moscou, Russia)
Associate Deans:

  • Dr. Pham Manh Thang (Ph.D. – Prague, Čzech Republic)
  • Dr. Bui Dinh Tri ( Ph.D. - France)
  • Dr. Dang The Ba (Ph.D. - France)
Faculty                        40 (22 with Ph.D. or Dr. Sc. degree and 12 with professor or associate professor title)
Students:                                                                              515
            Full-time undergraduate programs                     515
            Master and Ph.D. programs                                    10
Department of Industrial and Environmental Fluid-Mechanics Engineering
  • Analysis Techniques of Industrial Fluid-Gas Mechanics Processes
  • Physical/Math-Physical Modeling
  • Forecasting and Monitoring of Environmental Pollutions
Department of Mechatronics Engineering
  • Design of Mechatronics and Control Systems;
  • Decentralized Monitoring and Control Systems on the Basis of Microcomputers, PLC and Industrial Computers
  • Single-purpose Devices used in Embedded Control Systems
  • Application of Intelligent Sensors and Actuators.
  • Internet-based Embedded Automatic Control Systems
  • Automation of Technologies and Manufacturing Processes
  • Control Strategies & Algorithms
  • Building Management Systems (BMS), HW - SW. 
Department of Marine and Environment Engineering
  • Formation and Evolution of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Processes, and Marine Environment
  • Surveying Meteorological and Hydrodynamic Elements, and Water Quality
  • Maintain and Development of Marine Data Bank
  • Numerical Simulation and GIS.

Department of Technical Diagnostics

  • Technical Diagnostics of Machines
  • Technical Diagnostics of Structures
Department of Aerospace Engineering
  • Aerodynamic and Propulsion
  • Structural Mechanics, Flight Mechanics and Orbital Mechanics
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechatronics Practical Laboratory
  • Hydro-Informatics Laboratory
  • Marine and Sea Environment Mechanics Laboratory