Key Investment Projects

  • Establishment of the Laboratory for Micro-Nano Technology (Micro-Nano Lab) funded by the government for setting up technical infrastructure, research equipments and facilities to strengthen the research activity on the development and applications of micro- and nanotechnology-based materials and devices.
  • Establishment of the Laboratory for Smart Integrated Systems (SIS Lab) funded by the government, for setting up infrastructure, research equipment and facilities for developing research on VLSI chip design, digital signal processing, embedded systems and intelligent networks and integrated systems.
  • Establishment of the Center for Computer Network and E-Learning, funded from a World Bank Higher-Education Project under the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), for providing multimedia and teleconference facility connected to VINAREN-TEIN2 Network for distant communications, distant learning, e-learning resources and management, etc.
  • Implementation of the Teaching Research Improvement Grant (TRIG), also funded by the World Bank Higher-Education Project (second phase), for equipping additional teaching and research facility, supporting staff development in teaching and research, and renovating the curricula and associated components of the training programs in Computer Networks and Communications Engineering.