Cooperation and Links


One of the most important strategies and policies in the development of the VNU-UET, set at its foundation, is to establish, maintain and develop active and sustainable cooperation and links with highly competent education, research and enterprise partners, both nationally and, especially, internationally in the new context of international integration and globalization. VNU-UET is committed to develop to an open and friendly place for cooperation and exchange with various partners, because cooperation shall contribute significantly to the quality of both education and research activities. VNU-UET has established official relationships and cooperation with various academic education and research institutions as well as industrial corporations. Our university is proud to be one of the first and the most active higher-education institution in Vietnam which has initiated and developed the close link with various research institutes of the Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology (VAST). As just special examples, the multilateral cooperation with these institutions has led to the establishment and successful operation of the Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology and the Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation at VNU-UET.

In the coming years, VNU-UET is determined to develop more actively these cooperation and links aiming at enhancing our education and research capabilities to meet the demand of the country's development better. For this, we shall need high-level advices on both education and research strategies. We are very happy to get the agreement of prominent academic leaders of universities and research institutes as well as managers of enterprises and corporations to be a member of the International Advisory Board (IAB) of our university, inaugurated on the celebration ceremony of The Fifth Anniversary of the VNU-UET.

The first members of the IAB are the following scientists and managers:
1.    Prof. Acad. Nguyen Van Hieu, founding rector of the UET
2.    Prof. Dr. Hervé Fanet, Director of Carnot Institute, CEA/LETI
3.    Prof. Dr. Takuya Katayama, President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan
4.    Dr. Paul P. Maglio, Almaden Research Center, Cognitive Science, IBM (USA)
5.    Dr. Jun'ichi Sone, Vice-President, Central Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation, Japan
6.    Dr. Ichiro Tai, Corporate Senior Executive Vice President, Toshiba Corporation, Japan
7.    Dr. Ho Si Dam, VNU-UET, Vietnam
8.    Mr. Satoru Harada, Director of the Medical Information Center, Keio University
Cooperation Partners in Vietnam
  • Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST)
Institute of Information Technology, Institute of Physics and Electronics, Institute of Materials Science, Institute of Biotechnology, Institute of Mechanics, Institute of Mathematics, etc. Cooperation in related research fields includes elaboration and implementation of joint research projects among the national research programs, sharing staff for teaching and research guidance to students, joint training projects with overseas institutions.
  • Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNU HCM)
The University of Natural Sciences, Laboratory for Nanotechnology, Integrated Circuits Design Research and Education Center (ICDREC), etc. The cooperation in related fields includes elaboration and implementation of joint research projects among the national research programs, master and Ph.D. joint training programs, etc.Institute of Industrial Machinery and Instrumentation (IMI) under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, cooperated in undergraduate training in Mechatronics. IMI provides scholarships to students, some facilities for practical training, and recruits graduates of the program.
  • Institute of Industrial Machinery and Instrumentation (IMI) under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, cooperation in development and enrollment of the undergraduate training program in Mechatronics Engineering. IMI provides scholarships to students, some facilities for practical training, and recruits graduates of the program.
  • Vietnam National Hospital of Pediatrics: Cooperation includes research on development and application of Biomedical Engineering methods in Diagnostics, etc.
  • Hanoi Department of Science and Technology, Hanoi Department of Information and Telecommunications, Center for High-Tech Business Incubation, Hoa Lac High-Tech Park PMU, Vietnam Society of Informatics (VSI), VinaREN, VITEC, NHP, NACESTI, etc.
  • Companies: Vietnam Electronics and Informatics Corporation (VEIC), HiPT Group, TinhVan Group, Vinashin, VinaPetrol, Viettel, Fsoft, VietSoftware, etc.
International Cooperation
The VNU-UET has established officially cooperative ties with more than 50 universities, research institutes and also several governmental science and technology foundations and organizations in various countries. The cooperation programs have actively contributed to the development of the university's worldwide recognition and prestige.
Academic Partners and Cooperation
University of New South Wales (UNSW), Flinders University, Sidney University of Technology, Monash University, etc. Cooperation includes: joint undergraduate training programs in Computer Science, and Electrical and Electronic Engineering. Students study the first two years at UET and the earned credits will be transferred to UNSW for further last two years to obtain UNSW degree.
Southeast University Nanjing. UNO University International Institute of Science and Technology (UNU/IIST) in Macau. Cooperation includes articulation in undergraduate training, academic exchange.
            England and UK
Aston University, British Council, British Council University Network, Hull University, Roehampton University, Southampton University, University College Dublin, etc. Cooperation includes curriculum development, bachelor, and master joint training programs.
MINATEC CEA-LETI, CMP, Ecole Normale Superieur de Cachan (ENS Cachan), University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Conservatoire National des Arts et Metiers (CNAM), CNRS Institute Neél, Joseph Fourier University - Grenoble, Superlec, University Méditeranne Aix-Marseille, Rouen University, University Paris-Sud 11, University of Nantes, University of Rennes, Grenoble INP, etc. Cooperation includes active staff, faculty and student exchange, and joint master and Ph.D. training in several topics. Graduates from UET are directly accepted to the corresponding master programs (M2) and to sandwich Ph.D. training programs in various fields of studies. All these activities have been very efficient within the Pôle Universitaires Français (PUF) Project in Hanoi. 
Düsseldorf University, Ernst Moritz Greifswald University, Friedrich-Schiller University Jena; RUB University of Bochum, Technical University of Ilmenau, etc. Cooperation includes: joint research and master and Ph.D. training in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Mechatronics, and Aerospace Engineering.
Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology (AIIT), Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Keio University, Kyushu University, National Institute of Informatics (NII), Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, Saga University, Shinshu University, Tohoku University, Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), Nagano National College of Technology (NNCT), etc. Cooperation includes: master and Ph.D. Training, faculty and students exchange, etc. in Computer Science, Knowledge Science and Information Science, and Materials Science and Nanotechnology, and others.
Ajou University, Chungnam National University, Hoseo University, Korea University, Seoul National University (SNU), Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTEC), Pusan National University, Korea Polytechnic University, Korea Research Council for Industrial Science and Technology (KOCI), Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Korea Foundation for International Cooperation of Science and Technology (KICOS), Korea Industrial Technology Foundation (KOTEF), etc. Cooperation includes: human resource development and training, master and Ph.D. training, faculty and students exchange, etc. in various areas.
            The Netherlands
University of Amsterdam, Delft University of Technology, Twente University of Technology, etc. Cooperation includes: joint research projects, joint training of master and Ph.D. students, faculty and staff exchange in various fields.
Lomonossov State University of Moscow, Center of Information Technology and Information Systems for Federal Administration Organizations (CITIS). Cooperation includes joint research projects, faculty, staff and students exchange in IT, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.
Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS). Cooperation includes: joint research project, joint Ph.D. training, faculty and staff exchange, and curriculum exchange in various fields, such as materials science, nanotechnology, and electrical engineering.
            Taiwan China
Feng Chia University, Kiao Hsung University of Science and Technology, Kao Yuan University, Kun Shan University, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Chung Hsing University, Tainan University of Technology, Yuan Ze University, Yung Ta Institute of Technology and Commerce, etc. Cooperation includes: students exchange, joint master and Ph.D. training programs, and faculty and staff exchange.
            United State of America
Boeing US-VN University Network, The Catholic University of America, Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) at Pittsburg, OMI College of Applied Sciences, Stanford University School of Biomedical Engineering, University of North Carolina at Charlotte (UNCC), Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF), Wichita University of Cincinnati, Troy University, etc. Cooperation includes: faculty exchange, curriculum development, assistance and technical support in e-learning, and joint undergraduate programs. 
Academy-Industry Collaboration
In the last five years, the UET has continued the fruitful cooperative relations with technological and industrial corporations and enterprises established in the previous period of its development. With the new vision, new types of efficient and effective cooperation have been developed and brought to reality.
The following provides a list of companies and enterprises, which have established official cooperative relations to our university in terms of providing internship training to faculty members, graduate and post-graduate students, scholarships to students at all levels of training; providing practical training equipment, tool and software kits; sponsoring academic activities, such as seminars and symposia on specialized topics and recently also sponsoring research projects to faculty and students, etc.
Fujitsu, Honda, Human Resocia, Koganei Seiki, Mitani Sangyo Group, NEC Corporation, NTT, Panasonic Corporation, Renesas, Toshiba Corporation, etc.
Display Manufacturing Systems (DMS), LG Korea and LG Vietnam, Nanopoly, SAMSUNG VINA Electronics Ltd., Doosan Heavy Indunstry Vietnam, etc.
            United State of America
The Boeing Airplane Company, Cadence, Cisco, Global CyberSoft Inc., IBM, Microsoft, SUN Microsystems, Texas Instruments, etc.
Toshiba – Coltech Software Technology Laboratory
With the vision to sustainably develop and strengthen the academic and industrial cooperation, in 2007, UET and Toshiba Corporation signed an agreement on the establishment of this joint laboratory located within the UET with financial support from Toshiba. The laboratory aims at providing UET faculty and students with the possibility to study and contribute to the development of core technologies for embedded software and embedded systems. It also offers a good foundation to develop Toshiba and Coltech collaboration in joint R&D projects on embedded software in particular and software engineering in general.The agreement on cooperation has been prolonged for further five years in December 2012.

In this cooperation, IBM supports UET to start teaching and research activities in the area of Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME), by firstly developing and implementing a curriculum for Information Technology Services (ITS). A specialization on SSME/ITS in the Bachelor program in Information Technology is established and currently on enrolment with about 15 students per year.

IBM Center of Excellence at UET 

In March 2011, IBM and UET signed an MOU and agreement on establishing an “IBM Center of Excellence” at UET and this Center officially opened in September 2011. This is the first IBM Center of Excellence established in Vietnam and also in the South East Asia (ASEAN) region. This Center uses IBM’s tools, library and materials which IT students of UET and from other institutions can get innovation courses providing them additional knowledge and skills on modern technologies. Few hundreds of students have obtained IBM certificates for their successful courses at this Center during the last half year.