VNU-UET and VP9 sign cooperative agreement

The University of Engineering and Technology at the Vietnam National University (VNU-UET) and the Vietnam VP9 Joint Stock Company (VNVP9) signed a cooperative agreement on January 17 in Hanoi, under which they will commercialize technology products through connections between universities and Vietnamese enterprises.The agreement will also boost high-tech products to improve competitive capacity and ensure sustainable development. Such a model is being encouraged by the Vietnamese Government to spark creativity and develop tech enterprises, given the limited application of technology among domestic enterprises. 

The two sides will work together in sponsoring and proposing scientific research and technological development. VNVP9 is expected to invest VND10 billion ($443,099) in VNU-UET’s research activities this year.

Dr. Tran Xuan Tu, Head of the Department of Science, Technology & International Relations, told VET that cooperation between enterprises and universities in Vietnam is key in providing the human resources and knowledge needed to develop core technology. The cooperative arrangement, he said, will benefit both sides.  “Students can approach the modern technology of enterprises while enterprises can access the creativity of students,” he believes.

The two will also cooperate to share information, support each other’s activities, and open up job opportunities to VNU-UET students.
VNVP9 has successfully developed internet cameras with the best image quality in the world having won first prize at the Techfest competition in 2015, where it received funding to work with Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Finland.

     With core technology and a super-integrated video processor, Vietnam is the first country to successfully develop smart cameras on the Android operating system.

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