Faculty & School:

  1. Faculty of Information Technology (FIT)
  2. Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications (FET)
  3. Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology  (FEPN)
  4. Faculty of Engineering Mechanics and Automation (FEMA)
  5. Faculty of Agriculture Technology (FAT)
  6. School of Aerospace Engineering (SAE)
  7. Department of Civil Engineering and Transportation (CET)


  1. Electronics and communication technology International
  2. International standard Computer Science education programme
  3. Second Degree Programme (Undergraduate) in IT for Mechanical Engineering students
  4. Second training program at university level in IT (for students majoring in Engineering Physics)
  5. Electronic and Communications Technology
  6. Contrustion – Transport Engineering Techonology
  7. Agricultural Technology
  8. Aerospace Engineering
  9. Energy Engineering
  10. Engineering Physics
  11. Robotics Engineering major
  12. Advanced Mechatronic Engineering Technology
  13. Computer Engineering major
  14. Advanced Telecommunication – Electronics Engineering programme
  15. Information Systems (Honors)
  16. Computer Science (Honors)
  17. Information Technology (Japanese Market-Oriented)
  18. High quality system information technology industry
  19. Information technology industry
  20. High quality program in Computer Networking and Data Communication


  1. Information Security major
  2. Mechatronics Engineering (Masters Programme)
  3. Engineering Machenics
  4. Nano biotechnology
  5. Information system
  6. International Standard Computer Science
  7. Computer Science
  8. Communications Engineering
  9. Nanomaterials and devices major
  10. Information Systems major ( 2018 version for QH-2018 and after courses ).
  11. Computer Science major ( 2018 version for QH-2018 and after courses).
  12. Software Engineering (for 2018 Admission onwards)
  13. Computer Networks and Data Communications (for 2018 Admission onwards)
  14. Telecommunications Engineering (for 2018 Admission onwards)
  15. Specialization in Electronic Engineering (2018 version for the QH-2018 course onwards)
  16. Major in Mechanical Engineering (2018 version for the QH-2018 course onwards)
  17. Specialization in Nanomaterials and Components (2018 version for the QH-2018 course onwards)