Electronic and Communications Technology

The aforementioned program aims to acquire the bachelor’s degree with a strong foundation in science and related technology, and the ability to contribute to society with creativity, business and leadership.

Specific purpose: 

  • Develop necessary skills and knowledge for a future career in Electronics and Communication technology.
  • Develop the acquaintance and ability to apply basic science, mathematics, electronics and information technology into practice of Electronics and Communication technology.
  • Provide an environment for undergraduate students to orientate their career and develop life-time learning.
  • Reinforce the knowledge about interaction between their major and society, business, technology and environment.
  • Raise awareness about contribution to the development of the country and international economy.
  • Have the experience in setting up and maintaining the equipment ( em không tìm được từ ngữ chuyên ngành )

The graduates have enough knowledge to suit the following jobs categories:

  • Group 1: Lecturers, researchers
  • Group 2: Technical expert
  • Group 3: Project management specialist
  • Group 4: Business person in Electronic and Communication.

See more detail in: https://uet.vnu.edu.vn/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/3538.qd_CT%C4%90T-%C4%90%E1%BA%A1i-h%E1%BB%8Dc-2015_C%C3%B4ng-ngh%E1%BB%87-k%E1%BB%B9-thu%E1%BA%ADt-%C4%91i%E1%BB%87n-t%E1%BB%AD-truy%E1%BB%81n-th%C3%B4ng.pdf


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