Toshiba – Coltech Software Technology Laboratory
With the vision to sustainably develop and strengthen the academic and industrial cooperation, in 2007, UET and Toshiba Corporation signed an agreement on the establishment of this joint laboratory located within the UET with financial support from Toshiba. The laboratory aims at providing UET faculty and students with the possibility to study and contribute to the development of core technologies for embedded software and embedded systems. It also offers a good foundation to develop Toshiba and Coltech collaboration in joint R&D projects on embedded software in particular and software engineering in general.The agreement on cooperation has been prolonged for further five years in December 2012.

In this cooperation, IBM supports UET to start teaching and research activities in the area of Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME), by firstly developing and implementing a curriculum for Information Technology Services (ITS). A specialization on SSME/ITS in the Bachelor program in Information Technology is established and currently on enrolment with about 15 students per year.

IBM Center of Excellence at UET

In March 2011, IBM and UET signed an MOU and agreement on establishing an “IBM Center of Excellence” at UET and this Center officially opened in September 2011. This is the first IBM Center of Excellence established in Vietnam and also in the South East Asia (ASEAN) region. This Center uses IBM’s tools, library and materials which IT students of UET and from other institutions can get innovation courses providing them additional knowledge and skills on modern technologies. Few hundreds of students have obtained IBM certificates for their successful courses at this Center during the last half year.