Information Technology Orientation For Japan Market

Graduates of the Japanese market-oriented IT training program can well meet the job requirements as IT engineers in Japan as well as in some other developed countries. At the same time, it is possible to study at advanced institutions in the country and abroad, especially in Japan.

Graduates of this program will be equipped with:
+ Basic, important and modern knowledge in Information and Communication Technology, focusing on the processes of developing and implementing software projects, integration processes, management and operation of systems, information system and some other relevant knowledge;
+ Highly practical skills focus on software engineering to master and master in the analysis, design, construction, installation, maintenance, development and management of systems, programs, projects;
+ Soft skills are important for working in the enterprise IT environment in general and Japan in particular;

The ability to use Japanese language to communicate with professional colleagues or other common social problems. 

View the detailed program framework at:629.qd-ban-hành-CT-CNTT-Nhật-Bản

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