Led by the conception that research is, above all, the most important feature to distinguish a university from other educational institutions and understanding deeply that active research is essential to assure and to improve the teaching and training quality at all levels of a university, VNU-UET has put great efforts in developing its active research environment. Thanks to few significant investment projects, elaborated by the VNU-UET faculty and implemented with government fundings in the last years, state-of-the-art research facilities and infrastructure have been set up, and the research potential and capability of the university, thus, has been largely improved. In addition, the university leadership issued and practiced various measures and policies to stimulate research activities among the faculty, such as: (i) giving priority access to additional financial support on research results published in international conferences and journals, (ii) financially promoting research ideas and activity of research groups and their research works, and (iii) approaching and establishing cooperative ties to potential international partner universities and industrial corporations. All these have helped to attract a large number of young scientists, Ph.D. graduates and post-doctoral researchers to different research groups in the university. Within the last few years, both the number and budgets of significant research projects from various national research programs and from industrial partners granted to the faculty of VNU-UET have increased remarkably. The active research environment and the research capability of VNU-UET as a whole have so far been established and recognized by the research community in Vietnam, and this fact is well understood by the various international institutions in collaboration with VNU-UET.