International standard Computer Science education programme

The programme aims to educate high-quality workforce that can meet international standard needs in the field of Computer Science (CS), who are capable of doing research and work in research institutes, large enterprises which revolve in Vietnam’s and global information technology.

 Specific goals:

1. About knowledge:

Equip students with:

  • Modern and systematic knowledge which is suitable with global advanced education programs.
  • General knowledge of mathematics, natural science, human and society science, and foreign languages.
  • Fundamental knowledge related to CS such as elementary mathematics for CS, programming, Data structures and Algorithms, Analysis, Algorithms Designing and Evaluating, Information theory, translating programme, and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Orientational In-depth knowledge of “Intelligent systems” and “Human-machine interaction” such as natural language processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, bioinformatics, speech processing, image processing, human-computer interaction, game programming with the most up-to-date information
  • General knowledge related to IT such as software engineering, databases, computer networks, computer architecture.
  • Multiple programming languages skills, advanced programming environment, high ratio of practical application, and numerous practical exercises. 
  • English skills to update self-knowledge and work in the world’s IT environment.

2. About qualification:

Guarantee graduates with:

  • Critical thinking, creative ability to solve specific applied problems, the ability to self-study to grasp new technologies, tools and skills in software development.
  • Ability to work as a highly qualified programmer for domestic and foreign software and system development companies. Especially suitable for positions in fields requiring modern and innovative technology such as developing intelligent systems, human-machine interaction.
  • Ability to work in many different positions in the leading IT application and development agencies in the country.

3. About incivility:

Guarantee graduates with:

  • Good political qualities.
  • High sense of discipline, a scientific and serious working style, and professional ethics on information protection and copyright.
  • Teamwork spirit, regular practice of discipline and communication abilities.

More detailed information of education frame at CTĐT chuẩn quốc tế ngành Khoa học máy tính.


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