Rector board:

Rector: Associate Professor. Dr. Nguyen Viet Ha


Assoc.Prof. Pham Bao Son     Dr. Nguyen Anh Thai   Assoc.Prof. Chu Duc Trinh



Faculty & School:

Faculty of Information Technology

Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications

Faculty of Engineering Physics and Nanotechnology

Faculty of Mechatronics and Automation 

School of Aerospace Engineering

Research Institutes, Key Labs, and Centers:

Advanced Institute of Engineering and Technology (AVITECH)

Laboratory on Smart Integrated Systems (SISLAB)

Laboratory for Micro-Nano Technology (Micro-Nano Lab)

Center of Electronics and Telecommunications

Center of Multidisciplinary Integrated Technologies for Field Monitoring (FIMO) 


Department of Academic Affairs

Department of Science, Technology, and International Relations

Department of Student Affairs

Department of Humane Resource and Organization

Department of Administration Affairs

Department of Planning and Finance

Department of Inspection and Legislation

Center for Quality Assurance

Center for Computer Network and eLearning