As determined in the decision of the Prime Minister on its founding, VNU-UET is assigned the mission as “to conduct education, training and to foster talents, providing highly-qualified human resources at all higher-education levels; to conduct research on development and application of advanced areas of science and technology; to pioneer approaching regional and international higher-education standards; and to effectively contribute to the development of the knowledge-based economy and society of the country”.

Enlightened and motivated by the World Bank’s vision for the development of science and technology education in the 21st Century expressed in the term of GRIN (Genomics, Robotics, Information and Nano-Technology), VNU-UET focuses its research and education activities on four advanced areas of science and technology, which bases on a strong background of basic science and information technology, such as: Information and Communication Technology, Electronics and Automation, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and Molecular Biotechnology.

Inspired of the recent development and achievements of ‘Engineering as the discipline, the art and the profession of the creative application of scientific principles’ (ABET Inc.), VNU-UET has reformulated and focused its profile on engineering education and research. VNU-UET is committed to becoming an institution of excellence in the higher-education system of Vietnam, aiming at developing and delivering high-level and high-quality engineering education and research, and thus efficiently contributing to the development of Vietnam towards an industrialized and modernized country with a knowledge-based economy. The master plan of the university for the coming period has set the target to “develop at VNU-UET an international-standard university environment of proper education, active research, open and friendly exchange and cooperation, modern university governance and administration, and an humanity-enriched working and living environment.

For all, the VNU-UET is committed to being “a place for creativity to grow”.