Special programs

With financial support from the “VNU Project for building and developing training programs to international standards”– a strategic mission of the VNU–, the UET offers several honors and international-standard programs to selected students:
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (Honor, 4 years)
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (International standard, 4 years)
Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications (International standard, 4 years)
Master of Science and Ph.D. in Computer Science (International standard, 2 and 3 years)
Students in these special programs are required to perform additional tasks within a course and to undertake more advanced courses not required by the standard programs. These programs are designed to provide students with additional skills such as project implementation, and effective English communication. A significant part of the program is given in English language. Some courses are also taught by professors from well-known overseas partner universities. Furthermore, graduation (Master) theses can be evaluated by international examination commissions.

International Joint Programs

Joint Master Program in Information, System and Technology (2 years program is conducted in English, Master degree is conferred by University of Paris-Sud 11, France)
Joint Master Program in Micro-Nanotechnology and Application (1+1 year, Master degree is conferred by University of Paris-Sud 11, France)
Joint Master Program in Information Technology with two options – Image Processing and Multimedia, and Information Technology and Web – (1 year program is conducted in English, Master degree is conferred by University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, France)
Joint Ph.D. Program in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Information and Communications Technology, and Automation (3-4 years with 1.5 year at UET, degree is conferred by University of Paris-Sud 11, France)
Joint Master and Ph.D. Programs in Materials Science, Knowledge Science and Information Science (with Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan)
Joint Master and Ph.D. Programs in Materials Science and Nanotechnology (in collaboration with Institute of Materials Science of VAST and Osaka University, Japan)
Joint Undergraduate Program in Applied Computer Science (with Troy State University, USA)
Joint Undergraduate Programs in Engineering (in Articulation and Credits Transfer with University of New South Wales, Australia)
Most academic programs at VNU-UET have been designed in accordance with ACM or IEEE standards for engineering programs. The Bachelor Program in Information Technology has been accredited by the ASEAN University Network (AUN) and the Bachelor Program in Electronics and Telecommunications is currently under the same accreditation process. In addition, quality assurance criteria set out by the ABET Inc. as well as by the CDIO community are considered for incorporation into our bachelor programs. Some additional subjects, accomplished with certificates, such as IELTS, JITEC FE and SE (Vietnam – Japan Information Technology Skill Examination Center on FE and SE) are required for the honors program and also recommended for the standard ones in Information Technology.

VNU-UET’s programs all aim to provide students with: (i) up-to-date knowledge on concepts, methodology and techniques in engineering fields and their related ones, (ii) a scientific, systematic and critical way of thinking that will help them effectively approach and solve both theoretical and practical problems they will be facing in their study and later in their professional life, and (iii) a capability to easily adapt themselves to the circumstances of their career development.

To get admitted into undergraduate programs at UET, students must pass a university entrance exam, which is nationally standardized and organized. Exemption from such an exam is given to gifted high-school students. Students must also pass exams to get admitted into graduate programs, however these exams are administered by the VNU or UET.

Practical Education

Practical training, in all programs, for courses in basic science is given by faculty from other relevant VNU’s member universities, such as the VNU University of Science (VNU – US). Practical training for core courses is given by the faculty of UET at relevant practical laboratories of UET among the followings:
• Informatics Practice Laboratory
• Computer Networking Practice Laboratory
• Software Engineering Practice Laboratory
• Fundamental (Digital and Analog) Electronics Practice Laboratory
• Advanced Electronics and Telecommunications Practice Laboratory
• Computer Interfacing Techniques Practice Laboratory
• MEMS and Microsystems Practice Laboratory
• Automatic Control and Robotics Practice Laboratory
• Mechatronics Practice Laboratory