The University of Engineering and Technology with Ph.D. training towards international standards

Doctorate training is the highest level in the university education system. At this level, the students do not have to go to class much, but mainly focus on doing research under the guidance of the lecturer. Therefore, factors such as research environment, international publication, international cooperation in doctoral training are very important.

Create an environment of international standards

At University of Engineering and Technology (UET) of Hanoi National University (VNU), PhD students are involved in the research team of teachers (lecturers), thereby participating in scientific research.

Scientific seminars are conducted regularly with the active participation of researchers to increase exchanges and knowledge sharing.

In addition, researchers are supported with funding for national and international workshops, funding for publications from a variety of sources: science teachers, scholarships from the Foundation for Scientific Publication Support Hanoi National University (VNU), National Fund for Science and Technology Development (Nafosted), …

Besides the main task is research, PhD students are also actively participate in training activities such as teaching aids, teaching practice, … Through these activities, resources for the school’s training is enhanced as well as the link between researcher and the training unit.

New model in doctoral training in Vietnam

At the UET, international publications make up the majority of the total number of doctoral dissertations. 100% of researcher graduates have international papers, of which 50% are in ISI / Scopus.

In order to strengthen the international dimension, UET has cooperated with many leading universities and research institutes in the world. In particular, the school has invited foreign professors to participate in the co-direction of about 20% of researcher in recent years. This relationship is very important in terms of publication quality, support for research, as well as academic exchange at home and abroad.

Many researchers who have foreign professors in co – guided have the opportunity to study abroad in 2-6 months.

In 2017, UET has established important cooperation with the University of Technology in Sydney and FPT Technology Joint Stock Company in training doctorate in the field of information technology and electronic telecommunications.

Accordingly, the best students will be selected to participate in this joint training program. Researcher who conducts full-time study, is supported by a monthly scholarship of up to VND20 million per month, goes to Australia for study and research for one to one and a half years, and is considered for PhD degree from Public University of Sydney.

The publication requirements will also be higher than the general level, in particular the need for articles at top conferences and prestigious scientific journals. This is a new model in Ph.D. training in Vietnam.

The 2018 doctoral admission is available here: nam-2018 /

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